Shinichiro Tanaka

Shinichiro Tanaka is at 1dan.
Tanaka 1 dan himself started karate, and his two children followed.
The elder son is a college student and the second son is taking the college entrance exam.
Let’s hear from them!

  • Q1: Please tell us about your family
    My name is Shinichiro Tanaka, 46 years old in 2021
    I have a wife and three children.
    Two older sons and one younger daughter
  • Q2: What made you start karate?
    Originally, I had almost no exercise and weighed 96 kg when I was 36 years old.
    I started when my senior saw me and invited me to karate for my health.
  • Q3:And are you addicted to it?
    Yes, I am
  • Q4:Your child is also a dojo student, but what made them start karate?
    My family came to cheer me when I played, but when I saw me trying to on the game, my second son (2nd grade at that time) said that he wanted to do karate.
  • Q5:How old (what grade) are you children now?
    The eldest son is 20 years old and the second son is 18 years old.
  • Q6:Tanaka has black belt 1 dan for a long time. What is the color of your children’s obi now?
    My eldest son is a black belt after having the opportunity to be promoted last year. The second son is a brown belt.
  • Q7:When did your children start?
    The eldest son has been doing karate for 10 years since he was 10 years old.
    My second son has been doing for 10 years since he was 8 years old.
    By the way, I started at the age of 36 and it’s been 10 years.
  • Q8:How was your children at first?
    They were the ones who wanted to start karate themselves, but there were times when they wanted to skip the class. I told them that you should do it till the end since you were the ones who wanted to start, and I sent them to the dojo.
  • Q9:How long did you get used to it?
    I don’t know how familiar they are, but now they both love karate and dojo and it is part of their lives.
  • Q10: When did you start participating in competition?
    3 months since I started
    Children are also the same.
  • Q11:Has anything changed before and after going to the dojo?
    Going to the dojo every week has become a part of my life, and my daily life has become more disciplinary.
    My children seem to be stronger and kinder.
  • Q12:Has there been any change before and after you started the competitions?
    When I first started the competitions, I was so nervous the more I participated, the better I got used to the tension.
  • Q13:Has there been any change in the parent-child relationship?
    Through karate, I have had a hobby with my family to talk to them. Now, I’m just talking about muscle training in my family members, including my wife.
  • Q14: Has anything changed in your children’s school life?
    I heard it only when my child grew up, and it seems that there was a time when they were being bullied, but it seems that they did not get bullied anymore because they started karate.
  • Q15: Is there any difference when you go to the dojo?
    I lost 26 kg
    No problems were pointed out in the medical examination.
  • Q16: Is Tsukamoto Dojo useful in your life?
    For myself, I realized that I was less nervous in my daily life than in competitions, and it became better to notice various things and it became easier for me to work.
    I think the children have also become stronger.
    As an educational policy, we send children to overseas schools after high school. I think that they can live a solid life overseas with their mental strength trained in karate. Karate has some tough parts and I am sure it will be useful.
  • Q17: Do you have a word for parents who are wondering whether to let their children do karate from now on?
    Okay. Karate can help your child grow both physically and mentally, and at first they may dislike it, so there are situations in which it is necessary to force your child who cries and dislikes it to come to dojos, and parents must also participate with considerable preparedness. But soon they will get used to it. And once they get used to it, it’s definitely good. They can grow both physically and mentally.
    Imagine when there is a match. Isn’t it scary just to think that you have to go out to the fighting place alone and fight each other?
    There is nothing but excitement to see my child confront it.
    And karate is not a sport but a martial art.
    Being in Japan, I think it is good to enjoy martial arts.
    We are waiting for you, everyone!
    Tanaka 1 dan, thank you for today