brand concept

becomingnot beingBullied

Who never been bullies and
who cannot be bullied

If you are a child suffering from bullying, please make sure to meet Full Contact Karate which can help you overcome bullying. The stronger you are, the more power you can beat bullying.

Parents usually bring weak bullied children to the dojo. First, the kid is thought ” Will this kid continue fighting?” Ofcourse, the kid will continue woking hard with the new evacuated hand held scrutiny of the belt as well as more frequent games. If the color of the obi changes as the scrutiny continues, then you start to play the game, you will overcome bullying by yourself.


New pole vacuum hand and Full Contact Karate are combined to a direct hitting system that help you see the pain inside human. When body become stronger, you are in a full spirit to care people, respect courstesty, etiquette, seniors and juniors.

Shimamoto Dojo nurtures the strongest Japanese in mind and body.

I look forward to seeing you in the dojo.

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