Ken started attending the karate dojo because of trouble. I asked him what was the reason and the future!

  • Q1: What grade are you in now?
    I am in the sixth grade of elementary school.
  • Q2: What is the color of the obi now?
    I got a green belt in the 4 kyuu now. Since I am devoting myself to taking the exam, I have not been able to participate in the lessons.
  • Q3: How long have you been doing karate?
    I started all year round in kindergarten. It’s been 7 years now, but I haven’t been practicing for the last 2 years, so it’s actually 5 years.
  • Q4:What made you start?
    My dad brought me to the dojo and told me to start because it was fun. I heard from my dad later that the week before that, I got into a fight at the jungle gym in Odaiba, and I got a nosebleed and cried out at the jungle gym. It seemed that he brought me to the karate dojo so as not to be bullied.
  • Q5:How was it at the beginning? And how long did you get used to it?
    I don’t remember much, but I think I didn’t like paired karate. I remember that I disliked going, and I still don’t like paired karate very much. However, every time I returned from the dojo, I felt like I did it.
    I’m still not used to it at all (laughs)
  • Q6:When did you start competitions?
    I first played in the competition when I was a senior in kindergarten. At that time, I lost the first round. The opponent who I lost to was a girl, but I couldn’t beat that child for a long time.
  • Q7:Has anything changed before and after going to the dojo?
    I have been doing from kindergarten, so I don’t know if it has changed. However, I am not suitable for bullying at all.
  • Q8:Has there been any change between before and after you started playing the competitions?
    When I get into the game, I get used to paired karate, and I have never experienced physical bullying at school. I also think that my athletic ability has improved dramatically. Right now, I’m taking a break from the dojo just to take the junior high school exam, so it seems that my physical strength has dropped sharply.
  • Q9:Has there been any change in the parent-child relationship?
    I have been doing from kindergarten, so I don’t know if it has changed. I just had my dad trained a lot to get stronger. Especially when the competitions are approaching, I was training for the matches, so I have nostalgic memories.
  • Q10:Has anything changed in your school life?
    I have been doing, so I don’t know if it has changed. I just don’t come home with a nosebleed.
  • Q11:What are your goals for this year?
    I am taking the junior high school exam. My dad tells me that I can win if I study the same way I prepared for the karate match. However, I’m not sure how much preparation I should make, so I’ll do my best to do what I can. I think that if you do your best, the results will follow. However, if I lose it, I think I am not ready.
  • Q12:Will I return to karate after taking the exam?
    No, that’s …
    I do not have a plan to return, but if I were bullied in junior high school and had a nosebleed, I might decide to return!!
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